A bear cub trapped in a tree is rescued by wildlife workers

A stranded bear cub whimpering in a tree was discovered by two Department of Natural Resources staff. Aberdeen, Washington, hosted the event.

The newborn bear was discovered after the Department of Natural Resources received many reports about it. Two state wildlife officers responded to the call and discovered the baby in the tree with a back paw trapped in the forks of the tree. The bear cub’s mother was also close, furiously pacing, clearly anxious about her baby’s safety. With everything going on, the agents planned a strategy to get the bear cub out of the tree as fast as possible.

They intended to liberate the bear cub by cutting down the little tree that had entangled his paw. The cub and its mom were fortunate enough to be on a forest road in the Smith Creek region. It’s probable that the caged bear cub would have died if they’d been somewhere else.

The cub rushed and mounted another tree branch once it was liberated from the tree and on the ground. The bear cub and its mother were no longer in danger, according to the Department of Natural Resources and the wildlife agents on the site, and no further action was needed.

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A bear cub trapped in a tree is rescued by wildlife workers
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