The video of an elephant playing in the snow has melted millions of hearts

People are watching the heart-pounding image of a cheeky elephant captured on camera playing in the snow in Poland during the chilly winter.

Many events might be delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather. The Oregon Zoo had to close for several days in January 2017 due to excessive snowfall. While many people were disappointed by the news, the zoo animals saw it as an opportunity to take advantage of the greatest portion of the winter season. They do know how to make the most of snowy days, to be sure.

Now, contrary to popular belief, we will not be discussing polar bears or penguins. Penguins and polar bears aren’t the only animals who enjoy snow. But did you know that elephants also like playing in the snow?

If not, here’s a video to persuade you otherwise. It recorded an amazing moment when a newborn elephant at the Oregon Zoo lost it in pleasure. The video has received 4 million views and 28,000 likes on YouTube since it was released.

After stepping into the snow, the elephant in the video became overly thrilled. It galloped joyfully in the enormous sleigh, rolling and playing gleefully. This scene will most certainly bring back memories of snow days when you were a child and schools were closed. This is one of the most incredible sights you’ll ever witness!
Now is the time to watch it:

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The video of an elephant playing in the snow has melted millions of hearts
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