A little cub tries to gain his dad’s attention while Lion doesn’t have a mood! Look how reacts Lion dad

After his father put an end to his face with a thunderous roar, a beautiful lion cub received a taste of his own medicine.

The cub attempts to gain his father’s attention by baring his fangs in the astonishing photos taken by the French photographer pair Laurent Renaud and Dominque Haution.

With a tremendous roar, the proud leader threw his foot down in front of his lioness, snatching his son up in his teeth.

Happiness was returned in a flash, and the cheeky cub walked off to play with his brother.

At the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, two 55-year-old teachers experienced a very personal family encounter.

“The newborn cub wouldn’t stop attempting to play with his dad, and he was getting irritated and begging him to stop,” Dominique, said.

“I believe this adult lion was teaching its youngster how to roar since that’s what they do in the wild.”

“The babies were only just few months old and didn’t have teeth yet, but they were lovely.”