A heartbreaking scene! The herd attempts to save a wounded calf who was hit by a speeding car but they can’t do anything! Here is why

This is the sad moment an elephant herd rushes to save a calf who has been hit by a speeding automobile.

The newborn elephant is shown laying unresponsive on the ground in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, as two adult elephants — who seem to be his parents – anxiously try to encourage him to stand.

Despite the fact that he appeared to be able to stand and move, it perished by the side of the road.
After being struck by a car, two older elephants surround the young elephant as it lies down on his own hind legs.

The anxious herd encircles the injured young elephant on the road after the accident.

Heidi Haas,  captured the video while looking for the finest hunting areas.

‘I was totally surprised to witness this young elephant being hit by a fast automobile,’ she told LatestSightings.com.

‘I had to see, with sorrow in my face, as a family members of calf attempted to aid this little baby without even being able to do anything because the elephant had damaged its legs and back.

Local rangers were dispatched to assist, but they spent the majority of their time attempting to protect other elephants in the herd .

‘The elephant family didn’t trust them to let to come near the herd,’ Ms. Haas explained.

‘They didn’t have a choice but to save this newborn elephant’s life.

‘Watching that made me tired, and I never wanted to have to experience this kind of situatuon again.’

‘My final advice to all visitors to these amazing Parks throughout the world: be careful and don’t drive too quickly, since losing such a lovely life as this one is completely senseless.’

Two grown elephants help the calf get up and take it across the roadway to the other side. In an attempt to assist the injured young elephant, a herd of elder elephants band together to pull it to its feet.

The infant makes a brief attempt to stand up on his own, landing on all four feet, but he couldn’t stand long. The baby’s parents, who appear to be crying in despair, are forced to leave their child.

The video starts with an elephant on the left side of the road, surrounded by a herd of roughly a dozen elephants that appear to be screaming in distress.

Before it crashed, they managed to bring baby across the road.

It attempted to stand on all fours at one point, but it collapsed in a heap as soon as the mature elephant stopped supporting it.