A 73-year-old elephant cries after being rescued from ca.p.ti.vity

There are kind and compassionate people who are always ready to help animals. They devote themselves to these creatures. But it isn’t an easy job. You will have to face a lot of difficulties, which include human cr/u.el.ty.

This fact, however, will not keep people from wanting to assist and rescue animals in need, no matter how hard it may be. In reality, it leads them in the direction of their primary mission: to defend helpless animals from terrible people.

This story is about 73-year-old elephant, Sook Jai.

She had been forced to work hard her entire life.

Sook Jai is getting older and weaker, and her body can no longer fight off the pain.

She was transported to multiple owners with diverse jobs throughout her imprisonment. The elephant was formerly fo.r.ced to work as a tourist guide and beg on the streets, but as she grew older, her condition worsened. She became blind and had problems with her hearing.

Thankfully, the nice people at Elephant Nature Park heard about Sook Jai’s situation and came to her rescue.

Thailand is home to an elephant rescue facility (which is affiliated with Save the Elephants). Sook Jai would finally be able to enjoy all of her happy days.

Here is what they shared in the video description.

Sook Jai was fortunate enough to be discovered by a kind individual who wished to assist her and change her life. Joan Baez got very lucky twice when she decided to let SookJai enjoy a free existence for the rest of her life.

Sook Jai was picked up by a group of people.

They made a plan to return to the refuge after a 20-hour journey. When they originally put the 73-year-old elephant into their care, his health was not good. Her tough work had left her with several injuries on her head and body.

Throughout the entire journey, lifeguards assisted in the care and comfort of SookJai.

Despite the fact that she was obviously hungry, she couldn’t eat. She was weary and exhausted, and she had no idea what was ahead of her.

They were like her earthly angels.

When the vehicle was cold, the Elephant Nature Park personnel warmed it up, and when the elephant felt hot, they cooled it down. Sook Jai doesn’t appear to be used to being treated with such decency.

An emotional scene was recorded on film at one point during the trip. For an elephant who had finally been set free, it was a beautiful but sad moment. A sad, defenseless elephant has worked and been mi.s.t.r.eated her entire life, but she finally realizes where she is. She was aware that she was being rescued.

The elephant may be seen in the footage with tears streaming down his cheeks. It was an emotional scene.

One commenter said:

She is aware that she is apparently free. “I sobbed as soon as I saw her waving her trunk and wailing.” Let us continue to save and save elephants. We’ll be able to do it if we work together! ”

Sook Jai arrived at her forever home, about which she had desired for her entire life.

After a long drive, the tractor-trailer arrives at the refuge. Despite the fact that the blind elephant can’t see her new habitat, she quickly learns what it’s like to live in peace.

She won’t be restricted by anything in her life. She will be allowed to live her life freely, as she deserves.

It’s a rescue story that has touched people all across the world. It isn’t, however, the only one. Many films of Elephant Nature Park’s efforts may be seen on the Elephant News YouTube channel. There is also an Instagram account for the refuge.

Below is a heartwarming video of Sook Jai being rescued.

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A 73-year-old elephant cries after being rescued from ca.p.ti.vity
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