This poor cat has become disabled because of the rushing car! Take a look at the video below to see what happened to him

This little kitten is Furiosa. Even though he only has three legs, this tiny ginger youngster moves so rapidly that it looks like he has all four.

Furiosa is a three-legged miracle feline, to say the least. Despite a difficult start in life, he never allows obstacles to stand in his way and never skips a beat. This incredible three-legged creature can tear the house apart, racing around, leaping, and hopping up the stairs with ease.

Furiosa observes, “Anything a cat can do, I can do as well.”

Furiosa was thrown from a speeding automobile when she was eight weeks old. He was rescued by the excellent guys at the Headon Forest Animal Clinic and transported to the Burlington Humane Society after surgery. In the end, he ended up losing one of his legs, but he gained a new life.

While Furiosa was rehabilitating in a loving permanent home, his energy level stayed consistent. He showed everyone that having three legs did not restrict him from living his life.

He’s even figured out how to get out of his nursing enclosure on his three legs. The boy asked, “Who requires four legs?” “Not Furiosa,” the owner adds.

“Hey, if you think I’m extremely slow because I have three legs, you are wrong.”

“We were scared he’d be a shell of a cat as a consequence of the trauma, but he hasn’t!” He’s a lovable little bundle of affection and trust. ”