When the baby elephant discovers that her mommy has passed away, she starts to cry

Mae Mae, an 11-month-old elephant from Thailand’s Chiang Mai Elephant Park, and her mother, Moke Chue, 31, fled their cage.

Her mom unwittingly ate crops treated intensively with pesticides and herbicides, which likely harmed the elephant.

Villagers spotted the orphaned Park Mae Mae around 12 hours after her mom passed away, and she didn’t want to leave her. The footage shows the befuddled young elephant standing alongside her d.e.a.d mother.

“We’ve sent a group to the community to start an investigation,” Elephant Conservation Foundation chairman Sangduean Chailert said.

The newborn elephant and another mature elephant discovered with them were brought to a facility to be examined in case they ate some of the poisonous maize as well.

Pak Mae Mae and her mother used to reside in an elephant camp that catered to visitors, but their mahout was deported back home with them owing to the loss of money.

Mom consumed pesticide- and fertilizer-laced crops, which are believed to have harmed her.The baby calf is shown standing near to her mother.

During the day, the elephants were apparently free to roam around the community. At night, they ran away and went into the corn field.

While the mahout’s elephants were taken to the treatment center, the d.e.a.d animal’s body was taken for an autopsy.

Thailand’s national animal is the elephant. There are around 2,000 elephants in the wild and a comparable number in captivity. They are legally protected by a lot of organizations! Let’s keep them safe!

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When the baby elephant discovers that her mommy has passed away, she starts to cry
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