A monkey sharpens a rock in order to shatter the glass enclosure and flee the zoo

Zoos are not friendly to animal happiness. When they are out in the open, their lives are less comfortable. If given the choice, all of the creatures will flee the zoo. Many creatures are quite intelligent, and they may discover new ways to get out of the zoo.

In a video filmed in a Chinese zoo, a monkey breaks a glass enclosure with a rock in an attempt to get out of captivity. This occurrence occurred at the Zhengzhou Zoo in Henan Province, central China.

A Colombian white-faced capuchin is seen investigating the window with a stone in its hands in the video. Then he starts slamming the rock against the glass, shattering it.

According to a witness who was standing nearby, the monkey was honing his stone before attempting to escape by smashing the glass. The monkey was startled and fled after the glass shattered. But it came back for a second look and even touched it.

Tian Shuliao, a zoo employee in Zhengzhou, stated that monkeys know how to use equipment. That monkey was different from the others. While most monkeys merely bite at walnuts, they know how to shatter them with tools. However, it had never attempted to break the glass. That was the initial encounter.

Following that incident, they removed all of the pebbles, as well as all of the firearms. Taking away all the stones did not solve the issue.

Perhaps he was so stressed out at the zoo that he managed to escape. It is not just one monkey’s issue; it is a problem that affects all creatures. The animals belong in the wild and should be released there.

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A monkey sharpens a rock in order to shatter the glass enclosure and flee the zoo
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