A man comes to a halt for a scared cat, only to discover that her toes are cemented to the ground

Chuck Hawley, of Silverton, Oregon, observed that in the middle of the road there was a little creature on his way to work. As he saw other cars go over it, he figured it was a carton that had flown into the road, but as he moved closer, he discovered the truth was far more terrifying.

He observed a little cat that was afraid and trembling. He went to get it, only to find it glued to the road. He couldn’t believe somebody would do such a thing.

Chuck gently dragged her off the road and took the kitten to a nearby shelter, knowing he had to act fast or the tiny thing might be hit by a car. The kitten was looked after by the employees, who removed the rubber cement from its fur using mineral oil.

After a careful inspection, they found puncture marks on the 5-week-old kitten’s neck. After the wounds were healed, Chuck filed a police report. Everyone wanted the person responsible for the horrible crime to be brought to justice.

Amazingly, the tiny kitten turned out to be a major hero. She’d made it through the trauma and was anxious to try again. Another surprise awaited this beautiful rescue kitty just around the bend.

Chuck and his wife were overjoyed to have the cat join their family. Her name was Sticky the Kitty, and she was provided a permanent home. Sticky is settling in with Chuck and their dogs, but we’re confident she’ll be OK!

We’re still heartbroken by what this small kitten has been through, but we’re also pleased that she’s found her permanent home and that her story has a happy ending. Because of Chuck, who cared enough just to stop and help, a valuable life was preserved.

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A man comes to a halt for a scared cat, only to discover that her toes are cemented to the ground
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