Every morning, baby elephants welcome the tractor driver in a very cute manner(Video)

Rescued creatures are always grateful to the people who aid them in the most adorable ways. They express their emotions unreservedly, which is why there are so many rare species interactions. In this example, a rescued young elephant and a tractor driver enjoy a remarkable bond.

Kham La, a teenage Elephant Nature Park inhabitant, appears to have a thing for Darrick, the reserve’s tractor driver. Darrick is met by his particular four-legged companion every morning when he arrives at work. Even the other employees were startled by the friendship.

Darrick and Kham La’s morning ritual was filmed by the park and published online since such a sweet bond could not be ignored. “This is a great friendship between Kham La and Darrick,” they stated. They are constantly searching the park for each other.

Even from afar at Elephant Nature Park, Kham La and her herd would run to welcome him every morning when they saw him.

The park explains the charming moment as follows: “If you don’t think that love can exist between people and animals, watch this video.” You wouldn’t expect anything less from a friendly elephant if Kham La means “darling.”