Everyone was shocked by the courage of this woman

This story will make you sad and happy at the same time. Nicole Toney never intended to be the star of a modest rescue mission, but she found herself in that role on one day. Kittens have been seen to perch precariously on the brink of bridges in Texas. What a godsend!

Nicole Toney made a terrible discovery on her way home from the store. On the other side of the Neches River, she noticed a little ball of fur coiled up on the brink of a bridge.

She had already passed it by the time she noticed it was a kitten. So the driver sped back to the scene of the accident.

In order to avoid scaring the animal, Nicole decided to park on the side of the road, a few feet away from it. Because she was terrified of heights and feared he might leap, she approached cautiously.

Nicole, despite her fear, bravely took the kitten cat and put it in her car.

Nicole explained that neither screaming nor scratching, he was too terrified to move, so she couldn’t leave him there. Ego was terrible for me.

Ducky, a female kitten, was given the name. No one has any idea how he got himself into this dangerous situation. In Nicole’s opinion, some people leave their pets behind in this region.

Ducky’s heroine served her a lovely supper as soon as she arrived at the door of her home. With so much at stake, the small cat could not have imagined a more perfect encounter. Nicole and her husband had come to an understanding and agreed to keep her!

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Everyone was shocked by the courage of this woman
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