A stray cat saves the life of a newborn

Marsha, a loving long-haired cat, has been remembered as a hero in Obninsk, Russia, for rescuing a baby boy from freezing to d.e.a.th in the hallway. She keeps the baby warm by slipping into the box where the newborn boy has been thrown and wrapping herself around him. Marsha worked for numerous hours on it.

Marsha meowed to capture the attention of a passing person while holding the baby warm in the frigid circumstances.

Irina Lavrova said, “Marsha is a very calm and nice cat. When I heard her meowing, I thought she had hurt herself because she usually comes over to say hello.”

Marsha was meowing while Irina was carrying out the rubbish. She looked at the cat and was taken aback by what she saw.

Irina remarked, “You can imagine my shock when I saw her sleeping in a box next to a newborn.”

They quickly dialed 911 for assistance for the infant boy.

When paramedics came, they transported the infant to the hospital right away. Marsha was so concerned about where the baby was being taken that she went straight after the ambulance, meowing.

When paramedics got to the hospital, they performed a quick examination and proclaimed the infant to be fit and healthy.

The police said the baby on the left was between two and three months old and was fine after being out in the cold for hours.

I’m overjoyed that the baby is healthy and fit! Marsha is a true heroine! Isn’t that right? May we treat animals well because they treat people well.

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A stray cat saves the life of a newborn
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