Such an amazing moment! In a popular video, elephants find a means to pass the solar barrier

As evidenced by a viral video, elephants are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet. The Indian Forest Service’s Susanta Nanda released a brief video of an elephant jumping a solar fence, which went viral on the internet.

An elephant went along the sides of a solar fence in a grassy region, attempting to devise a way to cross it and reach the other side. The elephant eventually leaned down and crossed the solar fence posts to the other side.

“Controlling nature is difficult.” “Elephants developed their own way of overcoming solar barriers, Susanta Nanda said in the caption.

The video has received over 25,000 views and hundreds of likes thus far. In the comments, one internet user wrote, “Smart cookies.”

Another person said, “They are incredibly clever creatures, They utilize logs placed on the backbone and then hit the ground to obtain access where I dwell. ”

Watch the following video: