A video of a cat seeing a newborn baby for the first time will melt your heart

Many parents treat their pets like babies, which makes sense considering that they are family members.

People are frequently worried about how their dogs will respond if they have genuine human infants.

Will they be attracted to and interested in the infant? Will they be jealous and want all the attention? Will they love the baby?

When Romy Depraetere delivered her newborn daughter Olivia, she was anxious about this. She wasn’t sure how Jules, her cat, would respond to the baby, but they were curious.

When they took Olivia home to Jules, all of their difficulties vanished.

Jules was immediately drawn to Olivia and approached her car seat to investigate her. When they first met, Jules even offered her some soft kisses on the cheek.

“From the beginning, Julius has had feelings for Olivia. “He tries to get into her cot when he hears her weeping or making sounds,” Olivia’s mother, Romy Depraetere, stated.

These two will certainly become the best of friends as they grow older.

They already have a special bond, which is enhanced by the fact that Olivia was born on Jules’ birthday! Maybe it was fate!

In the beautiful video below, Jules sees Olivia for the first time.