The left elephant calf could not stop following her savior

After a massive storm, a young elephant was discovered alone and trapped in shallow water. The newborn elephant, Moyo, was only just few days old at the time.

Moyo was terrified as her herd left her. Fortunately, rangers arrived just as a gang of hyenas began to surround her.

She was then sent to the Wild Is Life refuge. Roxy Danckwerts, the organization’s founder, became Moyo’s new mother there.

Moyo recognized Roxy’s voice and could always determine where she was. They share a non-traditional friendship. Roxy, on the other hand, wanted the best for the baby elephant. It was the freedom to go anywhere I pleased.

Moyo was the first elephant to be rescued at Wild Is Life. She has also become a guardian of baby nurseries, which helps the organization a lot.

Roxy claims that Moyo has altered her life. She had always adored elephants, but she wanted to do more. Roxy considers the gentle elephant to be a teacher.

Moyo has grown up and is happy and healthier than he has ever been. It’s been almost seven years since she and Wild Is Life first met.

Elephants are the world’s biggest terrestrial creatures, with African elephants being the largest. They are presently endangered owing to for the illegal ivory trade.

Furthermore, these elephants contribute to the preservation of habitat for a variety of other species. Furthermore, roughly 30% of tree species in Central Asian forests require the assistance of elephants for germination. As a result, individuals demonstrate how important they are in influencing their environment.

Their population has shrunk dramatically. As a result, wildlife refuges like Wild Is Life are critical.

We wish Moyo and Roxy a long and happy life!

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The left elephant calf could not stop following her savior
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