A herd of elephants rushes to assist a calf as it collapses on the road(Video)

When a little baby falls, it is instinctive to assist them in getting back on their feet.

When a baby elephant slipped while crossing the road in South Africa, it was no surprise that the elephant’s herd stormed the road to block traffic and came to help the calf.

The incredible scene was captured on tape as the newborn elephant collapsed in the middle of a road in the Kruger National Park, causing traffic to stop.

The¬†elephant calf¬†fainted while crossing the road in South Africa’s popular Kruger National Park.
The calf attempted to stand on its own but failed and was left lying in the middle of the road. After a few minutes of urging, the calf sits up and climbs up to its feet.

The herd walks away in the end, clearing the way for the cars waiting to go into the national park.

‘OMG, that was so sweet!” said another. I wished I could assist the poor little thing personally. Elephants are magnificent creatures in every aspect!’

It’s unknown what caused the juvenile elephant to fall, but others speculate that it was just exhausted or tripped over its own feet.

However, one person who commented on the video wrote, ‘Reminds me of the day my child chose to take a nap on the store floor.’