Lion Bob was rescued from the worst zoo in the world

Photos of the lion Bob, who resided at the Safari Zoo in Fier, Albania, became viral. and not because he was joyful and they looked after him.

They left him with nothing but flesh and bones. Bob couldn’t walk since he had a black eye. But now there is excellent news for the lion, Bob.

The “Felida Center” says that Bobi had a hard time in Safari Park Zoo Fier in Albania, which is known as “Europe’s Worst Zoo.”

His crushed nose is a memory of the agony of his ordeal. When we rescued him, he was unwell, and we were concerned about his health and recuperation. He improved significantly as a result of the careful treatment and attention he gets at the Felida Big Cat Sanctuary.

He was extremely peaceful all winter, preferring to spend the frigid days inside his warming platform, but today he is relaxing in his shelter. When we see him pleased, it fills our hearts with delight!

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Lion Bob was rescued from the worst zoo in the world
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