Wild lion gets into an open safari car and approaches a woman(Video)

Filya the lion greets guests to Crimea’s Taigan Safari Park in an unusual manner. The 2-year-old beast still believes he’s an adorable little cub and insists on lavishing attention on every person he sees! Needless to say, his clinging actions usually catch visitors off guard!

In this movie, we follow Filya on his charming endeavor to get to know everyone on the tourist safari jeep traveling with him. He leaps at the automobile and shoos the driver away, claiming the wheel before hugging and nuzzling the new people. He has no idea how big he is and tells everyone who comes to visit to pet him like a dog.

The vacationers are first alarmed to discover themselves surrounded by a massive predator. They ultimately warm up to him after sensing his nave longing for connection. Filya is lost in thought as he licks and massages the visitors’ cheeks like a spoiled pet! It seems that the king of the jungle is pretty particular about getting his way!

The driver had to take the cute Filya away in his arms like a child because he refused to let the visitors alone! The lion eventually jumps out of the vehicle and prepares to give his new friends a hug. However, the poor animal seems to be in a bad mood as the vehicle pulls away from his cage. He’s such a charming young man!

Watch Filya hop aboard the safari vehicle to snuggle and hang out with his new friends in the video below!

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Wild lion gets into an open safari car and approaches a woman(Video)
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