An overprotective elephant interrupts an interview in order to “save” her caretaker from the interviewers(Video)

Faa Mai the elephant was born in Thailand’s “Elephant Nature Park” and has spent her whole life with her keeper, a lady called Lek.

Faa Mai adores her human mother and has become defensive of her over the years. This video depicts her love for Lek in the most endearing way!

In the beginning of this video, Lek is being interviewed by a TV crew. During the interview, she talks a lot about her time in the park and what she can do.

Faa Mai seems to be just chilling out with her herd in the back, but this is far from reality! In the meantime, she is merely hovering about warily, ensuring that people clad in black do not hurt her mother!

Faa Mai loses patience as the interview drags on and goes to check on Lek. She leaves her herd and ch.a.rges forward at full speed to burst into the interview and examine Lek’s health!

She then tenderly wraps her trunk around Lek, demanding her attention and instructing her to return to her. What a wacky goofball!

Faa Mai’s protective instincts are well known to Lek, since the elephant constantly “hates it” when Lek looks after someone else. Lek then whisks Faa Mai away to her shed like a wonderful mother, asking the team to postpone the interview while she caters to her massive child!

Watch Faa Mai interrupt her caretaker’s interview and demand attention in the video below!