Mama bear was fishing when she discovered her 3 cubs were missing

Kids! They give their mother’s┬áheart at.t.acks, regardless of species! A spectacular event was recorded on video at Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. A mother brown bear called and her 3 cubs were swimming in the river. The mom is fishing for fish when one of her cubs is carried over the waterfall, quickly followed by her second and, not much after, her third.

Mama begins screaming when she discovers her first cub has fallen over the edge, and when the second cub falls over, she sprints down the salmon ladder to ensure her kids reach shore safely, which she does. The third cub, likewise, goes over the waterfall, but Mama saves him as well. Whew!

The movie below has the whole footage of mom and her pups. You’ll also see the family all headed towards the coast at the same time. I have a hunch the cubs will remain on dry ground the next time mom goes fishing.

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