This video will make you laugh! While the farrier tries to file the horse’s foot, the horse behaves crazily

In the video below, Jack, the mottled special needs horse, has no trouble letting his farrier, Al, work on his feet. In fact, he nudges and kisses the farrier with pleased thanks while the guy attempts to finish his task.

Jack’s owner exclaims from behind the camera, “I adore you, Al, for mending my feet!” as the farrier jokes about marrying the adoring horse.

Every sensible horse owner understands that caring for their animal’s feet is critical to their animal’s overall health. If a horse’s hooves grow too long or unevenly, they can eventually split or break. This can hurt the horse’s leg muscles and tendons and even change the way its back stands.

According to an article at Horses & Horse Information, hooves must be trimmed, evened out, and shoed every 6 weeks to avoid these issues. A specialist farrier understands how to trim and balance a horse’s hooves and how to build shoes ideally adapted for an animal’s needs; the condition and form of each hoof, as well as the horse’s actions, play an important role in choosing which material to use for the shoe, what size it should be, and into which shape it should be formed.

Cutting hooves is not uncomfortable for a healthy horse; it is akin to trimming human toe nails. Jack doesn’t seem to mind Al filing and polishing his hooves – in fact, he looks to be glad for the pedicure!