Wild horse risked her life to rescue her lost baby

When a young foal was removed from her mom, both were obviously distressed. They are part of a vast herd of wild mustangs that roam the Virginia range. During a ruckus, the foal, called Holly G, went into a fenced-in area and got stranded.

Fortunately, a crew of volunteers who had been particularly trained to rescue wild horses was brought in to assist. It took some time and effort, but they eventually got the foal into their trailer. While the volunteers worked, another group sought to find the wild herd so that mother and baby could be reunited.

Fortunately, the herd was close. They were humanely caged in so that when the foal came, Mom would be there to meet her. What they didn’t anticipate, as you can see in the video below, was how adorable the reunion would be!

Wild horses are often wary of people. Volunteers do their share to care for the horses, but they must adhere to certain guidelines. The herd was supposed to escape from the approaching trailer, so the reunion was intended to proceed quite differently. Instead, the opposite occurred!

The American Wild Horse Campaign posted on Facebook: “When the trailer with the foal inside drew up to the area where the band was corralled, a wild mare whinnied to her baby and even walked straight inside the fearful trailer to fetch her.”

The footage of the reunion shows Mom whinnying to her foal and Holly G whinnying back. The nicest thing is that wild horses will never approach a trailer. and the lovely mare did not hesitate to approaching and then enter the trailer to see her foal! It’s genuinely wonderful.

We’re overjoyed that Mom and Baby are back together. Thank you for your tremendous work, American Wild Horse Campaign. Check out the heartwarming video below!

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Wild horse risked her life to rescue her lost baby
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