Years after a horse helped a soldier overcome some problems, the soldier repaid the animal

While in the service, the soldier experienced loneliness but built a particular attachment to a horse. After 15 years, he repays the regal beast.

Ezphia Rennock and Agricvola met over 20 years ago in London.

From 2000 through 2007, Ezphia was a member of the Queen’s personal guard. He was given Agricola as his service horse. Rennock suffered from loneliness while away from home, so it worked out for both of them. It’s difficult for a teen.

“It was tough leaving home as a 17-year-old, and Agricola was where I discovered camaraderie,” he adds. “I adored all of the horses, but Agricola stood out.”

Agricola was said to be a “genuine troublemaker.”

“He was just small, so he used to fling people off him all the time,” Ezphia said. “We eventually connected, so he welcomed me, and our connection simply became stronger from there.”

He was allocated to the horse with the attitude since he was a new member.

Ezphia handled the apparently problematic horse like a narrative from a children’s book. Agricola was similarly young, and the horse may have realized that his mate was also a young, lonely child, hence the relationship they formed.

Unfortunately, Ezphia and Agricola had to split up in 2007 when he started his own family.

The former queen’s guard didn’t expect to see his old four-legged companion again. Until a few years later, that is. Ezphia got a phone call from one of his Knightsbridge Barracks buddies. Agricola had planned to retire. When Ezphia went over to check whether he could adopt the horse, he discovered that he needed to place a bid.

“I used to rest there with him every other day and tell him that when I retired, I was going to come back and adopt him so we could be together once we finished our duty,” he said.

Realizing he wouldn’t be the top bidder, he included a poignant letter with his bid describing his time in service with Agricola. Ezphia wanted to demonstrate why he was the ideal owner. The letter was effective!

“Even though I wasn’t the highest bidder, they called me right away and instructed me to come pick him up,” he said.

Despite this, Ezphia made an offer of £1,000. Someone else made the highest bid of £5,000, but the managers claimed “there was no doubt about it” and that Agricola would just go home with the previous queen’s guard.

Ezphia said that his old acquaintance recognized him right away. “It felt as though I had never gone,” he said.

Ezphia came to Facebook to share the good news, clearly overjoyed. “This horse carried me through terrible, lonely periods away from home as a young man,” he wrote. “Today I repay him.”

Agricola is presently staying in a Dutchy yard, one of the queen’s yards rented by Ezphia. He pays daily visits to his old buddy and even takes his kid along so she can connect with the horse.

Ezphia and Agricola were reunited by time. Perhaps it was destiny, with the universe well aware that such a link should never be destroyed. It’s a nice conclusion to a lovely tale.

In the video below, meet Ezphia and Agricola!

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Years after a horse helped a soldier overcome some problems, the soldier repaid the animal
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