A little lion cub practiced his roar to scare tourists

Lions are, without a doubt, among the most fearsome and powerful creatures in the animal realm. I’m sure all the other creatures in the wild are terrified of them. The noises lions make are one of the key reasons they are so fearsome.

Isn’t there nothing like a lion’s roar? Even if the lion is hidden behind a glass wall, hearing its roar will make your pulse race. In any case, lions do not come with such a roar.

They must strive for it, but the impulse is undeniably there. However, this video of a young lion practicing his roar is nothing short of amazing.

The small creature emerges from the tall grass and takes a few timid steps forward, his head pointing to the ground, as shown in a brief video.

Once in place, he raises his head and opens his jaws wide, preparing to roar like the beautiful beast he will one day be.

However, since the cub is still in training, the sound captured is little more than a small squeak.

He then squeaks again while looking to the right, as if expecting that the shift in direction would affect the sound.

The video ends with the cub returning to the lush grass on the opposite side of the walkway and softly squeaking one more time.

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A little lion cub practiced his roar to scare tourists
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