Woman saves an “injured dog,” but is surprised when the vet says he isn’t a dog

Andrea Athie was driving on a road in the middle of nowhere when she saw an injured dog crying for help.

Andrea pulled over and rescued the thin dog, only to discover that the unfortunate critter had a fractured leg. Andrea recognized the dog had been run over and quickly brought him to the closest vet facility for assistance.

On the way to the vet, the appreciative “dog” snuggled with and kissed his saviour. When Andrea got to the clinic, she was surprised to learn that the pup wasn’t even a dog! Andrea found out from the vet that the quiet and shy baby was actually a wild coyote.

The coyote wasn’t in terrific form, and his health was deteriorating due to several internal traumas. The veterinary facility hired a wildlife rehabilitator to assist the ill coyote. Sadly, despite his best efforts, the coyote succumbed to his injuries and per.ished after five days in the animal hospital.

Andrea is heartbroken and tortured by her recollections of the pleasant automobile journey with the loving coyote. It saddens our hearts to know that our animals never receive timely medical attention. Let us be more compassionate to our creatures and provide them with the expert treatment they need. Spread the word.

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Woman saves an “injured dog,” but is surprised when the vet says he isn’t a dog
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