A woman discovered a sick dog on her balcony, but after further examination, it was discovered that she wasn’t a dog at all

It is fairly uncommon to come across stray dogs in poor health. We are continually exposed to these tragic situations.

As a result, Sharon Bertoz was upset but not shocked when he discovered a sick dog laying on the floor on his balcony in California.

Later, he was surprised to discover that this “dog” was not a dog at all.

She quickly requested help from the town’s Folsom Animal Services. When the rescuers came, they looked more closely at the animal and found out that it was a baby coyote with a terrible disease.

To treat him, they took the coyote back to the treatment center. He was hospitalized for acute dehydration.

Her name was Princess, and she was finally transported to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, where she would be treated further.

She was given a medicinal wash to aid with her sore skin, and then she was fed once again. It would have taken a long time for him to heal, but rescuers refused to let him escape.

The rescue center intended to release Princess into the wild once she had healed. She was relocated to the Sierra Wildlife Rescue, where she was able to mingle with other coyotes as her hair came back and she was slowly healing.

The Princess and her new coyote friends were soon released into the wild on 800 acres of land that they could run around freely.

The princess has come a long way. She has grown into a lovely, robust coyote.