47 cats were discovered in a vehicle with locked windows

It breaks my heart to think about the horrible circumstances that some animals have to endure. It is your obligation as a pet owner to make your pet happy, well, and protected, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to do so.

The Animal Humane Society recently handled a disturbing case in which 47 cats were rescued from a hoarding situation with a homeless owner.

According to an AHS press statement, the four dozen cats were living in a vehicle with their owner in Minnesota. That is a lot of cats for one person to take care of, let alone someone who doesn’t have a real place to live, and the cats suffered because of the hot weather.

“Sweltering heat and humidity in June.” AHS characterized the scenario as “no house, no air conditioner.”

It’s safe to assume that the owner had no intention of harming the kitties; as a homeless person that lives out of their truck, this person was plainly suffering and had no one to turn to.

But the cats are now in good hands: the 47 animals were evacuated from the vehicle and given “much-needed care,” according to the AHS, which reacted alongside the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office.

“Our skilled vets have just started to check up on each cat and give them immunizations, the right food, behavioral therapy, and spay/neuter surgeries,” they said.

The cats’ ages vary from less than a year to 12 years. Even though it was hot and dirty where they were, the AHS says they are “in reasonably excellent health,” even though they are dehydrated.

The owner of the cats was also treated, and was checked on the spot by paramedics and given medical resources.

The cats are still receiving medical treatment, which the AHS estimates might take days or weeks. They will be put up for adoption after they have completed their treatment.

Meanwhile, these cats are experiencing comfort and spaciousness that they have never experienced before.

“47 animals’ lives were drastically impacted yesterday,” AHS noted. “Today, 47 cats are finally getting a taste of what it’s like to have their own area to sleep, play, and eat.”

A joyful conclusion to a tragic situation. We hope that the homeless owner receives the assistance and resources that they need, and we are relieved that these 47 cats are in excellent hands and on their way to happier lives.

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47 cats were discovered in a vehicle with locked windows
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