This video will make your day! Cute baby elephant dances in the road for safari party

The video footage was shot in South Africa’s Kruger National Park and depicts a charming scene of an elephant waving its tail and shaking its body joyfully to do a dance in the center of the street for the audience.

The newborn stamps its feet and kicks its legs out in front of the people watching.

To show off to the crowd, the newborn elephant nodded, shook its body, and wiggled its ears.

The video, shot in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, shows the juvenile mammal frantically wiggling its tail and swinging its trunk.
The baby didn’t move for a few seconds while the cameraman laughed, so as not to mess up his performance.

He dashes towards his mother, flinching slightly, and crosses his forelegs on stage.
When its mother emerges from the grass, the baby will follow her right side as she crosses the roadway.

The elephant saunters down to its mother, retaining a little bounce in his walk and dramatically crossing his front legs over each other.

In the video, the baby continues to wobble and drop its front legs until the trunk is on the ground.

The creature, unable to remain still, walked back and forth before proceeding toward the roadside grass.

The clip was shot in June 2019 and is just now becoming available online. The pair will be joined shortly by another elephant.

‘While conducting a wildlife tour in the world-famous Kruger National Park, we observed this cute young elephant dance and play on the road in front of us surprisingly and humorously, “said the cameraman.”