A rare video captures an elephant calf laughing during a game with his caretaker

Recording video of a young elephant grinning with happiness is obviously quite unusual. Many people are probably unaware that elephants can produce these noises. That’s why a video of a six-month-old elephant laughing at the Maevang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, went viral several years ago, with viewers admiring the elephant’s happiness and charming laughing noises.

It’s no wonder that this video has received so much attention: it’s too gorgeous to describe. As you watch the elephant having fun while playing, you’ll be reminded of an innocent kid. This shows that many babies, not only human newborns, may experience satisfaction and enjoyment.

The footage was taken at the Maevang Elephant Camp near Chaing Mai in Thailand. According to Metro, a student named Laura-Jane flew from Aberdeenshire to Thailand to celebrate her recent college graduation. Laura-Jane, we’re sure, never expected to film a popular video celebrating her accomplishment.

When she saw the young elephant having lots of fun during her visit to the elephant camp, she thought it was a special moment that needed to be shared with others.

She had no idea that when she released the video of the gorgeous elephant on her social networking page, it would be seen by hundreds of other people. The video shows the babysitter for the newborn elephant engaging in several pleasant activities with the infant. The two are playing with a plastic bucket, and the young elephant is clearly having a good time.

The people who gathered around observing were attracted by the young elephant’s wonderful laughing sounds. It’s difficult not to smile while watching this video because the laughter is contagious.Lauren-Jane has a Ph.D. in geology, so she must enjoy being outside, and according to Metro, she appears to be pleased that the elephants are having a good time at the elephant camp.

Despite the fact that many elephants are still confined in cages at zoos and circuses, it’s nice to witness one at the camp having fun in a natural environment. The elephant’s mother can be seen close, keeping an eye on the activity to protect her children but also knowing they’re safe in the camp.



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A rare video captures an elephant calf laughing during a game with his caretaker
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