An elephant with a gunshot wound in his head approaches people and begs for assistance(Video)

Elephants are magnificent, caring, and sensitive animals that epitomize the expression “gentle giant.”

What makes these animals unique is that they like people, and many rescued elephants may form extraordinary ties with their caregivers. We’ve all heard the expression “an elephant never forgets,” and it’s stated that if you meet an elephant only once, they’ll remember you for the rest of their life!


Regardless of the fact that these lovely creatures would never hurt a fly, some people feel it is acceptable to or k.i.l.l them, frequently in order to get their valuable tusks. Even though the ivory trade is illegal in many countries, poachers still sell their goods on the black market for a lot of money, which is very sad.

In the following story, poachers sh.o.t. an elephant in the head, and the was inches from him. Fortunately, he knew who he could turn to for help and recovered completely.


Inside Edition shared a video on YouTube of a wounded elephant approaching people and asking for help. The poor animal must have been in so much agony that he immediately placed his whole confidence in the doctors, hoping that they might make him feel better.

The unlucky elephant, named Pretty Boy, had been wounded in the head by p.o.a.chers, and he had a serious hole where the bullet had entered his skull.

Despite having a gu.n.s.h.ot stuck in his skull, the courageous elephant was able to approach doctors and demonstrate the issue.


The doctors realized that they didn’t have so much time and that they should act immediately to rescue Pretty Boy, but with him being such a huge animal, it would be tough. The first step was to calm him down with a tiny dart, which made the elephant feel calm and comfortable. The doctors may then start working.

Although it was obvious what had occurred, the team needed to determine where the bu.l.let had lodged in Pretty Boy’s skull, so they performed a fast x-ray.

They immediately discovered the twisted bullet in the elephant’s head and recognized something incredible. According to the veterinarians, Pretty Boy was wounded just a few millimeters too high for what is known as a ‘death shot’ by a hunter. He would have d.i.e.d instantaneously if the shot had fallen a bit lower.


The veterinarians removed the bullet from the lucky elephant while he was still sedated.

When they were done, they waited until Pretty Boy awoke to ensure he was doing well following the procedure. But the elephant was still sleepy, and he had only made it a few feet before falling asleep with his trunk against a tree.


Pretty Boy had a headache, but due to the veterinarians’ assistance, he was going to make a complete recovery! We hope that the poachers will now leave this wonderful animal alone. Watch the video below to see how “Pretty Boy” was handled.

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An elephant with a gunshot wound in his head approaches people and begs for assistance(Video)
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