These police officers went above and beyond to save the cat’s life(Video)

Police in New York City’s subway system rescued a startled cat off the rails and restored him to his owner.

The cat, called George, and his owner, Mila Rusafova, were driving home from the veterinarian when George became alarmed and leapt from Mila’s lap onto the train track below. The train was getting closer, and it was moving faster.

After Mila grew upset, a throng gathered to tell the subway conductor to halt the MTA train. It didn’t take long for police officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas to rush in and rescue a trapped cat.

Officer Brian Kenny described him as “sweating and scared.””He didn’t even try to move ” His tail was just four inches away from the third rail.

“His attention was focused on us.” He clutched both of my shoulders with the tenderness of a baby when I picked him up. “He almost hugged me,” Kenny said. “I adore animals.” George would not have suffered any injury. “We were going to make certain of it.”

We commend these men’s fast thinking, even if it caused significant train delays. All they could do was attempt to rescue this defenseless child.

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