These rescued bears express gratitude to the people who saved their lives

Sometimes a cruel destiny befalls a large number of animals, and they were lucky to meet caring humans on their route. Two she-bears from India were spared from danger and became friends; they were able to overcome all obstacles.

Two female bears from India were rescued from danger: adult Savita and young Meenakshi. Savita was rescued from the care of an irresponsible parent who made money by educating a bear and showing her to the public’s enjoyment. Meenakshi, an orphan, was saved just before she was about to be left.

The Wildlife SOS crew arranged for the bears’ care and returned them to the refuge after they had recovered. The animals started a new life there, where they were constantly cared for and fed, and where they could play for hours in the large cages.

During the rescue, these bears formed an extremely deep friendship. Savita took care of tiny Meenakshi since she felt she needed it. She replaced the small bear with her mom, whom she really missed. The bears were so close while being treated that the caretakers decided to place them together in one aviary.

The she-bears are now enjoying every day of their new existence and are thankful to the folks who provided it to them.

They spend hours playing, embracing, making friends with the zoo workers, and generally having a good time. Thank you very much for protecting these lovely creatures!

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These rescued bears express gratitude to the people who saved their lives
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