Innocent baby impala approaches a lion-unaware of what will happen next

In an unusual turn of events, an innocent young impala approaches a male lion and has its first, and most likely last, contact with an apex predator.

Sylvie Failletaz took this picture during an early-morning wildlife drive near the Nyamepi campsite in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, near the Nyamepi campsite.

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“The day began off incredibly warm, with early morning temperatures hitting 25 °C,” Sylvie informs We came across two male lions not far from the camp that had devoured an adult impala the night before. They were doing what lions do best: sleeping and lounging. ”

“We decided to wait a bit longer after snapping a few shots and observing them for a while.” The sun’s rays began to peak above the horizon, and it became brighter and lighter. We were expecting that, since it was such a hot morning, the lions would become hot in the sun and go into the shade, so we might see anything other than sleeping lions. ”

Then, surprisingly, a lost baby impala wandered around and raced right for the adult lion.” I was thinking no, no, no, leave, bad move! We could not believe that the innocent baby impala actually walked up to a male lion. I expected the infant impala to turn back as soon as it realized it was in danger, but it didn’t. The infant seemed lost and innocent, as if it had no idea what the lion was. It was very likely its first and last meeting.

“It approached the napping lion and almost touched it.” I was hoping it would flee once it realized it wasn’t a mummy. We were hoping the lion wouldn’t be interested in such a small snack after eating the day before. ”

“The lion raised its head slowly and gazed at the newborn impala.” Then he sat up quickly, with this really amusing expression on his face, as if to say, “Wait, what did I see?” Is this a dream? Is it true that food has come to me? “I like the face, especially the “comic eyes.””

Then the action began, and everything happened so quickly! The male lion seemed to be sluggish at first, but then put in some effort and seized the young impala, which had little chance. Because our vehicle was twisted around and facing the opposite direction, I couldn’t obtain the angle to follow the pursuit. I, too, had the incorrect lens on my camera, so I missed the action and was really sad. I did, however, get a few images that convey the tale of what transpired.

“It was my first time seeing a pursuit from beginning to end!” I felt really fortunate and honored to see such a glimpse in the wild, especially during the day with such beautiful lighting. However, I felt bad about the adorable baby impala. I would have preferred a joyful conclusion to it, but it wasn’t his day. “Nature is brutal, and there are no rules in the wilderness.”

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Innocent baby impala approaches a lion-unaware of what will happen next
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