Nobody knows why this cat keeps waving her arms in the air. Have a look at his funny photos

Meet “Keys,” the cat. Nobody knows why she wants to put her paws in the air. Her odd position has captured the attention of the Internet, and she is now the subject of gifs, memes, and a variety of humorous photographs. But the pictures of her by herself and in nature are funny on their own.

Her Californian owner, Peter Mares, saw her throwing her paws in the air one morning and promptly snapped a photo. The following day, she did it again, and he photographed it.

She did it so often that Peter dubbed her “Goalkitty” and created an Instagram profile for her.

I can understand why Peter gave her that moniker. It seems like she is envisioning herself preventing a soccer ball from entering the goal (although it could be that Peter is a soccer fan).

But might she be envisioning herself climbing an imagined tree?

Or do you want a double high-five?

Or do you want to be lifted and cuddled?

Whatever her motivation, Keys’ unusual conduct is endearing.