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A Video of Two Sea Lions Who Used Someone’s Boat For a Joyride Will Make you Laugh
Joshua Phillips took his boat out for a trip in Puget Sound off the coast of Washington a few days ago
Diver Was Swimming When She Met a Giant Whales Face to Face
For those who like the sea, there is no greater desire than to swim beside its gorgeous animals.
Whale ‘Asks’ for Assistance in Getting The Plastic Bag out of Her Mouth
Marine life is so beautiful and unique with its range of mammals and fish. People have explored a lot
Off The Coast of Sri Lanka, a Freediver Comes Face to face with a Massive Blue Whale
For those who like the sea, there is no bigger desire than to swim next to its gorgeous species.
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Rare Footage Of A Sea Angel Swimming Under The Ice Captured (video)
There are two sections of the cosmos that are largely undiscovered. The first is, of course, deep space