Bear Known as ‘Hank The Tank’ Terrorizes Lake Tahoe Neighborhood

A wild 500-pound black bear broke into a home in South Lake Tahoe and this isn’t the first time, police said.

In recent months, the bear has resulted in over 150 calls to law authorities and wildlife workers in the region.
‘At least 38 separate homes have been damaged by just one particular bear,’ said wildlife director Peter Tira.
The curvy cub has also caused ‘severe property damage and forced entry into multiple residences – including occupied households,’ according to authorities.

Wildlife officials have put up traps in an attempt to stop Yogi’s attacks, but they have been unable to stop him.

In recent months, the bear has triggered over 150 calls to law enforcement and wildlife workers in the region.

‘The trapping activity is a last-ditch effort to catch and euthanize a specific and what we refer to as an extremely habituated or human-food conditioned black bear,’ Tira said.

Residents were horrified by the bear hunt, with some even attempting to scare the bear away by playing loud music or spray painting the message “Bear Killer” on the trap.

The BEAR League, a pro-bear activist group, has been working with wildlife officials to find Yogi a new home.

‘The BEAR League contacted the director of a great out-of-state wildlife sanctuary, who confirmed that he had space and would be very pleased to offer this bear a permanent home,’ said executive director Ann Bryant.

‘On Tuesday morning, we informed [the California Department of Fish and Wildlife], requesting that this alternative be carefully explored instead of harming the bear.’
Bryant emphasizes, however, that sanctuaries are not a final solution and that people of Tahoe should practice prevention.

‘Both homeowners and tourists must play a role in keeping bears out of difficulty so that they can live wild and free,’ she added.

‘The many reasons that bears get into problems are because people do this and educate the bears that this is a good way to make a life,’ says the author.

Another bear assault on the west coast has occurred recently.

After accidentally shooting his brother while defending himself against a black bear in his yard, an Oregon man committed suicide.

According to the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office, the unnamed guy was loading his revolver at 7 a.m. on February 8 when he ‘accidentally shot his brother.’

Deputies discovered the man’s brother with gunshot wounds inside a home in Sunny Valley’s 2000 block of Placer Road. Officers discovered the caller ‘with what looked to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound’ after ‘checking the house.’

The police report stated, “It is suspected the caller took his own life after dialing 911 to report the accidental shooting.”

The inquiry is still underway, and the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office has been notified.



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Bear Known as ‘Hank The Tank’ Terrorizes Lake Tahoe Neighborhood
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