Amazing Giant Multicolored Squirrel Caught on Camera, Becomes Internet Sensation

Squirrels aren’t thought of as especially exotic or intriguing animals. If you look around your yard right now, you’re likely to spot one—they’re quite common species.

However, if you travel to India’s woods, you can come upon a squirrel that will take your breath away.

Yes, this animal is so brightly colored that it’s hard to believe it’s real. It’s nothing like the regular squirrels you’ll find climbing trees in your area.

Their fur comes in a variety of hues, including brown and orange, as well as maroon and purple, which are rarely seen in mammals.

You may believe that their bright colors are a disadvantage since they make them stand out to predators, but it really helps them live.

“The patchwork colors and dark tints are a superb adaption to escape discovery in the shady understory of a thick forest,” squirrel expert John Koprowski explained.

“However, in the sunlight, they reveal their ‘true colors’ and stunning pelage.”

They’re not just among the most colorful squirrels in the planet, but they’re also among the biggest.

Their head and body can reach a length of 10 inches to 1 foot 8 inches, with a tail that can reach even further.

While they’re beautiful to look at, finding one in the wild might be difficult. They reside in India’s woods, jumping from tree to tree and seldom coming into contact with the ground. They’re also said to be timid.

Their population is doing well, and they are now classified as “least concern” by the IUCN Red List, while unmanaged deforestation might pose a threat.

The expert also said “They have a wide distribution and appear to accept human presence and even some moderate degree of low-density dwellings.”

“They’re members of a long-lived squirrel family.” They’re a rare evolutionary group that’s been around for a long period, which is beneficial.”

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Amazing Giant Multicolored Squirrel Caught on Camera, Becomes Internet Sensation
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