Frightened of The Guy, Puppy Tried to Hide Her Body And to Escape

Eldad, a seasoned Hope For Paws rescuer, has seen his fair share of fearful dogs. Whether they came from the streets or were abandoned by cruel owners, each of these stray dogs has a unique story to tell.  Some of these stories are absolutely upsetting.

One dog, who had been on the streets for along time, was in desperate need of a lucky break. She was dirty and skinny. When she arrived on a woman’s doorstep, she immediately phoned Hope For Paws and pleaded with them to come over. The small puppy needs to be rescued as soon as possible!

When Eldad came, he could tell the puppy was scared. She was so terrified that she didn’t move  f or a long time! According to the woman, she remained in that exact location and refused to move. Eldad didn’t want to further traumatize her, therefore this was going to be a difficult rescue. He went to get a hum ane snare and his lucky leash.

Eldad was clearly unable to go near enough to the small dog to utilize the lucky leash. He’d have to wrap the snare around her neck by weaving it between the porch’s bars. Despite his best efforts, the seasoned rescuer was unable to capture her. The dog managed to jump up and run to the building’s corner while being too shocked to move.

She pressed her terrified body into the corner, shrinking herself as much as she could. She was stuck and puzzled. She didn’t want to be captured, but she needed to be rescued for her own safety. If only Eldad could tell her what was going on. As he approached the small puppy, he talked quietly. He attempted to reassure her that everything would be OK.

He gave it one more try. The small puppy despised every bit of her rescue, and we’re sorry she was so terrified. But the point is, it’s all worth it in the end. Not only is the dog saved, but then something incredible happens. Kenzie, the puppy, is finally given all she deserves. Eldad and Hope For Paws have made a huge difference in our lives. Rescue organizations never give up, and as a result, many animals are now prospering.

Please watch the video below to see Kenzie’s whole story.


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Frightened of The Guy, Puppy Tried to Hide Her Body And to Escape
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