When a police Officer Sees a Sick Bear Cub stuck on the Side of The Road, He Risks his Life to Save Him

New Hampshire is home to 5000 bears and is therefore seen to be a special forest habitat for bears, known as the White Mountain National Park.

State trooper Thomas Owens noticed a bear baby in trouble one day and got out of his patrol cruiser to observe a mom bear and four other cubs cross the road back and forth, which drew his attention.

He stared for a while until he noticed that one of the cubs was falling behind, and his mother was doing her best to raise her child to keep up with her and the other cubs.

The child was reluctant to go and also came to a halt in the middle of the road as his mother attempted to push him to go, but the cub was too weak to stand up again.

The mother tried, but instead led the other three cubs into the forest with them, leaving the weak one behind.

Owens, who witnessed the incident, wanted to assist the ill cub, so he informed New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife.

He awaited with bated breath and also fear, knowing that if the mother bear returned, he would have been in big trouble.

On the other hand, he saw that the young cub needed some help as well. Finally, the cub was sent to a rehab clinic, where they helped them in caring for the cub.

He even managed to get a photo with the baby.

The harsh reality that the mother bear had abandoned her second baby earlier that day because he was too weak.

he Fish and Wildlife Service started on the search for the abandoned cub, and happily, they discovered him before it was too late.

The cub is currently receiving treatment and will soon be reunited with his mother and brother or sisters.