Video of a Beautiful “Symphony” from Wolf Pack! Click Below to Enjoy!

Have you ever heard “A symphony of howls” from wolf pack? Here is the video where 7 wolves howl together at the
same time and create very interesting sound!

Wolves have a variety of vocal tricks:  they can yelp, growl, whine, and whimper. But their characteristic sound is the howl.

From kilometers away, the wolf’s howl may be heard. It is the trademark by which these animals are recognized. A wolf may howl for a variety of purposes, the most important of which is to locate the remainder of the pack to which it belongs.

They also howl because they want  to warn other packs in the vicinity that they are about to enter territory that has already been claimed by someone else. In a wolf pack, howls are very important. According to the PBS show Nova, some scientists believe that the vocalization enhances the group’s relationships, and chorus howls can settle wolf feuds.

Although all howls may sound same to the untrained human ear, each wolf has its own distinct sound that helps pack mates to recognize one another.

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Video of a Beautiful “Symphony” from Wolf Pack! Click Below to Enjoy!
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