Kiki The Gorilla Shares A Special Moment With New Mom And Baby

Mother’s love is unconditional. It’s the kind of love that allows you to fall into it and cry your heart out. The bond that a mother develops with her child is unbreakable. Only one mother can know the sentiments of another.

Here’s a touching story of two women who, although being of different species, felt united by their newborn babies.

According to the story, Michael Austin, his wife Emmily, and their newborn baby decided to take a stroll in Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo. They never expected to have one of the most emotional interactions when they entered the Zoo. Emmily and the gorilla had an adorably close relationship.

Emmily herself stated that she never expected to have such an experience. They had a memorable moment when they came closer to Kiki’s enclosure, which is home to an endangered Western Lowland gorilla.

The family ground to a standstill when they noticed the gorilla with her seven-month-old kid. The gorilla and her baby Pablo approached the family, attracted by the adorable child in Emmily’s hands.

What happened next was completely unexpected. According to Michael, his wife held their son to show Kiki, and then Kiki snatched Pablo and placed him on her leg to show them.

The two young mothers developed a close  connection. For a little period, they interacted. They seem to be chatting in the same language. It was a very unique and powerful experience. Michael recorded the events on his phone, and the footage quickly went viral.

Michael went on to say that it was one of the most incredible experiences he had ever had. Kiki, he claimed, was talking to them with her hands. She held her baby Pablo in her arms in the same manner Emmily did. Both the husband and wife were crying uncontrollably.

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Kiki The Gorilla Shares A Special Moment With New Mom And Baby
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