This is Unbelievable! A Wildlife Caretaker Takes nap With Four Bears to Help Them Sleep

Despite the fact that wild animals weigh over 1,500 pounds, some humans do a lot of thingsĀ to show their love for them. This passionate wildlife keeper will go to great lengths to protect the well-being of the four bears he is responsible for. Even if it means taking a nap with them.

Since 1990, the pair has provided care for a considerable number of bears in need. Jim, on the other hand, has always had a greater bond with his four favorite bears: two Kodiak bears and two Syrian brown bears.

The four came to the institution almost a decade ago, and during that period, they formed an extremely close bond with the man who looks after them.

They have such a great bond that Jim will occasionally take naps with them to help them relax. In a series of gorgeous images, this big-hearted man can be seen resting beside his four colossal buddies. Jim and his furry friends, as you might guess, not only sleep close to each other, but also participate in a range of fun activities together. Playing in the snow appears to be a popular hobby.