Heartwarming Moment Two Former Circus Lions Step on The Grass For the First Time

It’s always sad to see animals imprisoned in a cage. Lions, in particular, are courageous and powerful animals. However, these Saharan kings are still forced to live in this manner in a number of circuses across the world. When the organization team was able to save them and enable them to walk about freely, everything came to an end for both of them. The two lions’ first appearance in the green space is highly emotional!

Tarzan and Tanya were forced to live in cages for years, where they were mistreated and ignored. The staff of the animal protection group quickly learned of their situation and went to their rescue.

As we all know, these magnificent creatures had undergone such dramatic changes that the rescue crew was both afraid and bewildered when they arrived. The brutal existence and treatment had left scars on both the body and the soul. All of this shows how vulnerable even the most powerful creatures can be!

After a long ordeal, the lions were thankfully relocated to a rehabilitation center before being transported to their new home, a South African sanctuary. They got the opportunity to walk on green grass for the first time when they arrived, which was a once-in-a-lifetime event!