Watch: Baby Elephant Rushes to Save Man From Drowning

On social media, an old viral video of a newborn elephant rushing to save a man from drowning is gaining popularity.

A herd of elephants stands quietly by a riverbank in the footage, which was previously published on Twitter. A guy may be seen swimming in the area. But what occurs next takes everyone’s breath away. The man began to scream and act as though he was drowning.

When the baby elephant noticed the guy drowning, he raced towards him to help him. This occurrence occurred at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, which serves as an elephant sanctuary and rescue facility.

The video is only about 42 seconds long. The elephants’ kind attitude was on full show in the video that was uploaded on Twitter. A man is first seen swimming in a river in the video. He was following the river’s current. The guy, on the other hand, appeared to be struggling in the water to the baby elephant. It rushed over to assist the guy keep afloat, fearing he was drowning. It left the protection of the clan it was with, who were grazing on land, in its haste. Then he dashed into the river to try to pull the man back to his feet.

When the guy first saw the baby elephant run at him, he was terrified. As a result, he makes a beeline for the beach. The young elephant  does not take long to approach the man. It then stretched its trunk, allowing the guy to grasp it. The man smiles and takes hold of the baby elephant’s helping trunk, having realized the baby elephant’s intentions. Elephants should never longer be hunted. Darrick and the Save Elephant Foundation are dedicated to the preservation of these magnificent beasts.

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Watch: Baby Elephant Rushes to Save Man From Drowning
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