Photographer Captured How Bear Cubs Were Playing Hide-a-Seek

Two bear cubs were playing hide-and-seek, with one hiding up a tree and the other seeming to ‘count.’
Arnna Singh, 44, was photographing tigers in India’s Ranthambhore National Park while pursuing them. She came to a halt when she noticed two young Sloth bears playing freely in the woods and decided to video them.

Despite the fact that their playground is home to a tigress, Archna captured the playful pups circling the tree trunk for 10 minutes – an exceptionally extended sighting for such a shy species.

The photographs show a bear counting while peering over a tree as another hides in a tree to play hide-and-seek.

“I thanked my fortunate stars that I was able to record this — I was happy,” Archna, from Delhi, India, said. The images were really appreciated by everyone because sighting Sloth Bears is unique, and seeing them so openly out in the open was the frosting on the cake.

It was great fun to see them out and about, playing freely and without fear.
It was around 4 p.m., and because sloth bears are usually nocturnal, spotting one in the wild is unusual.
It was as if a child had invited us to play hide-and-seek with him.

“After a period of that, he walks around the neighborhood a bit before engaging in a lighthearted quarrel with his sister.

“The area was formerly held by a tigress, and the bears were having a field day in the heat because she wasn’t there that day.”

The Sloth bear, which has long claws and resembles a sloth, normally flees when it sees humans. This adventurous couple, on the other hand, was putting on a show while checking the cars parked in the distance.

Thousands of animals, including buffalo, elephants, ostriches, and monkeys, had been photographed by Arcnna throughout four continents, but she made it clear that seeing them in broad daylight was unusual.

“I had arrived to follow a tiger and her cubs, but instead I encountered bears, which are even more rare to come by than tigers,” Arcnna said.

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Photographer Captured How Bear Cubs Were Playing Hide-a-Seek
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