Bear Brings Her Baby Cubs To Show Them To Her Human Friend

Bears are extremely intelligent creatures. According to some research, they are similar to the brain of a four-year-old child.

The man decided to set up his camera and film the arrival of his visitor. Mama bear arrived with her three adorable cubs. What a fantastic chance encounter!
Patrick Conley has formed a close and unusual bond with a black bear.

Over the years, the mother bear has visited Patrick Conley frequently, and she once brought her newborn babies to see him! Patrick is from Asheville, North Carolina, where black bears are plentiful and well-known for being friendly to humans.

Simone the mama bear comes out of the woods to say hi, as you can see in the video. This is a common event for Patrick, and it’s nothing out of the norm. She did, however, bring her first litter of cubs to see him this time.

When he spotted the gorgeous family of cubs plodding along after the mama cub, he couldn’t believe his eyes.
The cubs are clearly not as relaxed as their mother, as they pause before leaping onto the porch. But later, they’re all on the porch to welcome Patrick, and he’s understandably taken aback.

Simone trails behind the cubs as they sprint to the next tree to climb and play.

They are still getting used to this new world.

Simone signals that it’s time to leave after some exploring, climbing, and playing about, and the three disappears into the forest. Simone appeared to be well-fed and in good health, according to Patrick.

This is very stunning, but I’d be wary of a Mama Bear that is so giving with her babies.

This mom bear is savvy because she knows she and her children will be secure with your caring family. That’s a good thing.

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Bear Brings Her Baby Cubs To Show Them To Her Human Friend
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