After Being Rescued, An Orphaned Baby Gorilla Snuggles Up To His Caretaker

Bobga has gone through a lot in his short life, despite his youth. He  lost his family when he was just a few weeks old  and his chances of living after that were not big.   The tiny gorilla en.ded up in a small cage, likely to be sold as a pet on the black market, was and frightened.
He was saved barely in time and sent to the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon, which is a wildlife refuge.

Bobga had never trusted people before, and it’s simple to see why, yet it was in a human being that he found all the comfort he needed. When the orphan gorilla met Alvin Muma, a Limbe center volunteer, he understood that people, too, can be compassionate.

It didn’t take long for Alvin and Bobga to become inextricably linked. The sad  baby gorilla has finally found a secure home.

Little sweethearts, like all babies, only want to be loved.

His rehabilitation includes foraging, playing, learning social skills, boosting curiosity, climbing, and grooming.
It is essential to provide many sorts of enrichment to animals.

In a series of beautiful images, these two demonstrate their relationship. Bobga can be seen napping in his friend’s arms or snuggling close to him. It takes moments like this to realize how dedicated these people are to helping animals in need.

Isn’t that just gorgeous? So kind and supportive. Extremely inspiring and demonstrating yet again how caring animals can be. A lot more carrying than a lot of people in the world.

God bless the caregiver for providing love and care. Thank you to his carer for assisting this small baby.

In the video below, see how Bobga responds to and plays with a football! We’re not sure if he’ll be selected for the national team, but he appeared to enjoy himself!

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After Being Rescued, An Orphaned Baby Gorilla Snuggles Up To His Caretaker
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