When People See Cat’s Face, They Call Him “Ugly and Strange…” You Can Watch The Video Of Two-Faced Cat, Frank and Louie Below

Meet Frank and Louie, two cats with distinct personalities. Many people are confused as to why this cat is known by two names.

This cat has two unique personalities, which is incredible. The cats’ names are Frank and Louie since they are thought to be connected.

When you look at him from any angle, he appears normal, but when you look him in the eyes straight, his two faces will astound you. Despite the fact that the faces are joined, they nevertheless work well. Frank, on the other hand, is the one who feeds the two, with Louie simply ” going along with it.”

Cats with two faces, on the other hand, are extremely rare and usually only live a few days, if not hours, after birth. Frank and Louie, sometimes known as a “Janus” cat after the Roman god of two faces, is the longest-living cat of his kind, having lived for 15 years.

According to his owner, Frank and Louie are carried to a veterinary school where his owner used to work in order to be put down. He was only a day old at the time.

Instead of letting this happen, his owner announced that she would adopt him. “He was just so special,” she added, “that if he had been a typical kitten, if no one else did, I probably would have accepted him as well.”

Frank and Louie may be “strange and ugly” to some, but they are simply charming to me and his mother. What a one-of-a-kind creature you’ve got there.

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