Photographer Captures Cute Moment When Bears Hold Their Hands While Looking At Their Bear-Mom

While most people think of wildlife as ferocious and dangerous, it may also provide some wonderfully touching encounters. And this pair of bear cubs holding hands is quite breathtaking. Lewis Kemper, a wildlife photographer, was fortunate enough to be at the right position at the right moment to get some spectacular photos.

In Alaska, this is the incredible moment a couple of bear cubs grasp hands while waiting for their mother to catch them some dinner.

When the 62-year-old photographer from California discovered the charming sight, he was at Lake Clark National Park.

“Earlier this month, I was taking a photography tour around Lake Clark in Alaska when I observed a mother and her two cubs waiting for mom to return with food,” Lewis said. “I was around 20 feet away from the two cubs — the bears in the region are used to human presence and seem unconcerned.”

The two are said to be siblings, with one being bigger than the other. They wait, attentively watching their mother, who was out hunting for salmon.

Despite the fact that they were patiently waiting fish for supper, their mother returned empty-handed.

“For almost 20 seconds, the two bears held hands,” the photographer stated. “They thought their mother would bring them some food, but she returned empty-handed.”

Finally, the group set off on their quest for better hunting grounds.

Bears have a 10% hunting success rate, according to wildlife specialists. Despite the fact that most bears like eating fish, their diet is mostly made of plants. “Although bears like fish, the majority of them are omnivores that consume mostly plants, including a lot of grass,” Lewis remarked.

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Photographer Captures Cute Moment When Bears Hold Their Hands While Looking At Their Bear-Mom
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