An incredible scene! An elephant cries for the rescue of an antelope that falls into the river

This is the startling sound an elephant made when an antelope fell into a lake in its cage.

At La Aurora Zoo in Guatemala City, videos show the elephant, 60, clearly distressed and walking up and down the pool’s bank while the antelope fought in the water.

Maria Isabel Diaz Ruiz de Llarena, a visitor, videotaped the massive animal wailing and even offered to use her trunk to lift the animal out of the water.

‘Today, I was fortunate enough to see something incredibly wonderful,’ Maria said on Facebook. An elephant appeared to be desperate to alert zookeepers that an antelope was drowning.

Before a heroic rescue worker rushed into the water and lifted the antelope out by its tail, the elephant was spotted turning around and trumpeting in fear.

Several times, the worried tusker seems to try to free the deer by giving it its trunk.

However, when the elephant walks around the pool’s edge, one brave zookeeper rushes into the water to pull the antelope out.

At last, the elephant seems to calm down as the deer runs off to join the rest of its group. The crowd cheers loudly.

Trompita appears to have a fondness for the antelope, according to zoo vet Alejandro Striedinger, who shares her cage with the animal.

However, Striedinger emphasized that the antelope were never in any actual danger since the pool features islands and shallow areas where the animals can easily get out on their own.

He described the breathtaking view as “really wonderful.” Trompita is 60 years old and has spent 14 years at the Guatemalan Zoo.

She was rescued from a circus where she had been nurtured and forced to do routines.
Trompita’s amazing act comes after pictures were taken of a young Sri Lankan elephant that looked like it was resting on the back of another elephant.

Pathum Bandara, a photographer, was taken aback by the scene.

Mr. Bandara, 34, said, ‘Baby elephants are quite lively, and I observed these two joking about while viewing a herd of around 200 elephants.’

‘As he rested on another elephant, the tiny elephant appeared to be attempting to grab a free ride! As he peered in my way, he seemed malicious. ‘

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An incredible scene! An elephant cries for the rescue of an antelope that falls into the river
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